Friday, March 18, 2011

Tyler - Spring 2011 - Lab B2

Another Lab down and the improvements keep on coming! I noticed i had more confidence when i went to teach my lesson this time around. I think it should keep getting easier to get all my thoughts and ideas out to the students, in a clear and quick manner. I still think i should have practiced my skills some more. The can can was kind of hard and i dont think i did a good job of explaining the cues. I also didnt show a full speed demonstration. It was just something i forgot to do. After doing the TimeCoding Form i noticed i had way to much time in Management. Instead of having the class come in and out for instruction i should try to do it from where the students are. Next according to my Feedback Form i think i still need to give more feedback. I gave a lot of congruent feedback which was a improvement.

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