Monday, March 28, 2011

tyler - Spring 2011 - Lab C Quidditch

Lab c was our international lab. It was given to us to reach out into other cultures and see what kinds of sports they play, or what activities they are involved in physically. I was able to teach quidditch which is a sport played by harry potter and his classmates at hogwarts wizard school, in the land of make believe. But moving on to my performance this was our longest teaching period so far, and it still goes by really fast. After doing the Time Coding Form again i was un happy with how much time i wasted on management. I need to focus more on getting the students straight to activity. Like in Lab B2 management took up to much time. Although i still kept down the waiting, and instruction categories. And my activity time was decent and really close to getting those points. According to my Feedback Form i think i got to over half of my class. I would like to get a little louder on my feedbacks instead of a individual feedback tone. I thought i hit a lot more congruent feedbacks then in my last lab. Again I felt more confident then the last lab, and i can see improvement every time i teach, and i think that is exactly what we are looking for. Some things i missed was a safety statement, i had some technology problems which i learned from. I didnt pinpoint in my lesson or show the best demonstrations. All in all i thought i did good, and im starting to prepare for my final lab D, and i am hoping i can put everything together.

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