Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is it our Lab D is here already. They say time goes fast when your having fun, and it sure did. This is our last test to put all the great teaching skills we learned throughout the semester. My goal was to hit everything on the C9 or at least as much as possible in my 25 minute lesson. I had everything planned out in my lesson plan, with every point involved. When the lesson came about i didnt hit on check for understanding. That is a important point because it helps you see who understands what you are asking them to do before they actually go out and try. Also on the demonstrations i should have shown the swing from different angles, and with more then common faults.
Next on my time management i think i did better then i have out of all 4 labs. According to my time coding form i got 4 points, where i only got one on the previous forms. I still think i could have done better with transitions, but i think some of that time added up because of all the balls, and i had the kids clean up before their last station/skill. I had the students involved in a lot of activity, although the golf swing isnt very cardiovascular.
Lastly is the feedback form. We were taught to give feedback to fifty percent of the students. And since our class is so small (9) we should be able to give feedback to each student. I was able to get feedback to 8 of the nine students, and was able to give both congruent and non congruent feedback to each of those 8. The cues were clear enough for me to keep repeating them to the students. They were also able to find the cues on the poster boards posted in front of them.
Overall i was happy with my performance, but i could of done better. My confidence up there only keeps getting better, but i need to still smile and relax more. I know what i need to say and i have to just get it out. Something i would change with my lesson is the placement of the students and stations. I had a lot of moving around to do, and consequently had my back turned at some points. A golf lesson cant be taught in 25 minutes, but i tried to get every skill involved. Next time i would make a mini golf course for the students, to practice the three skills we touched on, while having fun and trying to avoid obstacles in the gym.

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