Friday, May 13, 2011

EDU 255 FInal Part 1

The website is from Canada, and its called the Canadian Broadcasting Company. The story that takes place in the video is from Saskatoon, SK in Canada, at City Park Collegiate.

I think that this story is inspiring for new and upcoming teachers in school like me. Us as teachers need to get our students active, because according to this video it can help them in the classroom. I found the story very interesting as well, because of the success rates, and the teacher’s passion for student success and change.

In this video, they show a clip inside a physical education classroom, and it shows a great deal of students just standing around. That clip doesn’t necessarily have to be from that high school but the majority of the high schools are like this. The teachers or schools aren’t making physical education mandatory to participate in. When I become a Physical Education teacher in the professional world, I will make sure each and every one of my students are always moving and active. According to this program used in Canada the exercise they par take in helps them relieve stress, un needed energy, and pressure from their lives. After my class the students will be ready to learn and more focused in class. This will help my co-workers by making it easier for them to teach with hopefully less behavior problems and a bigger attention span. Personally I love working out for the fact that it clears my head. I think all students can and will benefit from my lessons.

The program seemed to affect each student in the teacher’s class. Each student was able to go up a full letter grade, which is substantial. The story followed two particular students who had the biggest changes. Bernie was one of the students who had a real hard time in school, couldn’t read, or write before the program. After the program reading skills went up 20%, while his comprehension skills went up a staggering 400%. The other student was Dustin, who had grade changes but also character changes. He was an angry kid before the program who hated to do what the teacher asked. Afterwards his reading and math skills went up 25% and his comprehension went up 30%. This program works great and there is proof. Also it gets the kids 20 min more of cardio then they normally would that day. The program can be related to our NYSPE standards in many scenarios. They are doing cardio work, and working on personal health as compared to our NYSLS 1A, The students are also given an option of what exercise equipment they wan tot use similar to our NYSLS 1B.

BDNF is also known as brain derived neurotropic factor. BDNF is a chemical that helps our brain function and grow. It acts on certain neurons of the central nervous system, helping to support the survival of existing neurons, and to allow growth of new neurons. Exercise triggers the release of BDNF. Once a student sits for more then 20 minutes the student will experience a loss of flow of BDNF. Without the heavy flow of BDNF, the students ability to learn, and keep attention will decrease. Therefore recess, and most of all Physical Education class is very important for the students learning skills. Two books that try to inform us about BDNF, and exercise and learning are “Spark” which was in the video written by Dr. John Ratey. The other book is Natures Ritalin For the Marathon Mind by Stephen Putnam.

Check out this link showing us a research-based article based on the benefits of physical activity/PE on academic scores or learning.

I believe Physical education has every means to be on the report card at the regent’s level. 6 and 3 in 3 means that the student will be proficient in 6 skills and competent in another 3, in three different categories. For NYS LS 1A I would like to see at least 80% of the graduating class at that 6+3 in 3 categories. It is our job as teachers to make sure that happens just as an English teacher would want her students to succeed. In NYS LS 1B, I think that 90% of the senior class should be at least competent in creating a personal fitness plan. This is something I feel strongly about because staying in decent shape is important in my life. Our obesity rates are way to high to be ok with. While the students are creating a fitness plan, they can work on muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular and much more. These are skills they can and should use throughout their lives and hopefully pass to friends and family.

I have never heard of Daily Burn before being assigned this assignment. I liked using this app for the whole week, because it really gave me an idea of what, I was eating, and what I was burning. I have never used an online exercise or nutrition tracker. Although I would like to keep track of my calories, and exercise numbers, I don’t see my self logging in everyday. I consider my self a healthy person who knows what I can and cant eat. I also work out everyday, whether it is going for a run, playing a sport outside, or working out in the gym. So this stuff is natural to me and I don’t feel the need to keep track of my health online. I will definitely stay apart of our Rockstar Group.

This site has so many options, and programs for the students. So when using this website to meet our NYS 1B standard I would have each student make an account, and set their own goals. The students can use the site to help them lose weight, gain weight, lose mass, or gain mass and strength. I would want the students to keep a log of their nutrition intake, exercise log, and list their goals out for me to take a peek at. Some changes for a group project would be to have them try to have the most complete nutrition chart, and to be the most active.

For NYS 1A I would have the students and I use excel to help us record the data. Excel is a great tool for organizing numbers and information, like results from class. They could keep track of their heart rates after each class, and record their steps for each class for a 2 to 4 week span, since we probably will only meet twice a week in a high school. So after each class I would try to have a couple computers excel ready for them to record their stats. I know this is the last thing the students will want to do after sweating in class, and getting ready for their next class, but I will explain to them it only takes a second. And if they wait to do it at home they will forget their stats, if not written down.

This is what i created on excel for the students and i to keep track of their stats. It was converted to a word document on google docs.

This is my Prezi Presentation!!

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