Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ch 7 Teacher Functions During Activity

Tyler Phillips
Ch 7 Teacher Functions During Activity
Questions 4,6,7

4. List six behaviors teachers can engage in during activity that have the potential to directly contribute to lesson objectives.

Maintaining a safe learning environment- Keeping the students safe at all times, letting them be aware of the dangers
Clarifying and reinforcing tasks for learners- Make sure your tasks are clear and thought out so your students understand the task.
Observing and analyzing student responses- Being able to observe and critique your student’s responses will help them grow
Providing feedback to learners- Use this feedback so the student can understand their progress
Changing or modifying tasks for individuals and small groups- Making a task easier or harder for the students to keep productivity up high
Maintaining a productive learning environment- Make sure everyone is learning and mastering different skills every class

6. How can a teacher get off-task students on task?

Walking with your back against the wall may help, because when you turn your back to the students they may feel free to off task behavior. When your back is to the wall you can scan and observe the class at all times. Also positive pinpointing may get a students attention who is off task. They usually want attention and if they see on task behavior getting pointed out they may feel motivated to stay on task.

7. Write an example for each of the following types of feedback: (1) general, positive, directed to the class, and evaluate; (2) specific, negative, directed to the group, incongruent, and corrective; and (3) specific, positive, directed to the individual, corrective, and congruent.

(1) Good job class, keep working hard
(2) Class stop using the outside of your foot
(3) Good work joey, keep following through with that shooting hand

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