Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teaching Physical Education Ch1

Tyler Phillips
Ch. 1 #1,4,5

1. What is meant by the idea that teaching is a goal oriented activity?

Teaching is a goal oriented activity because; we as teachers need to set goals for our students and have them reached at the highest percentage. If our goals aren’t met we aren’t teaching, and that’s what we strive for. Lesson plans and classroom decisions are mostly being set by the national standards, and these standards state where our students should be in physical education. But standards can only be a guideline and we need to make it more challenging or easier for the best results. Physical education is becoming very expensive to run with all the equipment, and facilities. The lack of programs with goals in physical education may lead to the downfall. The curriculum goals must be appropriate, which is difficult but the most important factor.

4. Why is the process that teachers choose to use to teach content important?

The criteria you bring to the students are one of many factors to successful teaching. Three ideas in teaching are task, learner, and environment. We as teachers can change the task (criteria), environment, but the learner can’t be changed directly but indirectly by the previous two. Teachers usually come up with one way or style of teaching, and we need to find the way that affects all of our students. The teachers can determine the learning experience for their students. The learning criteria must include, the potential to improve, maximal activity and practice, appropriate for every skill level. And lastly the potential to integrate psychomotor, affective, and cognitive educational goals whenever possible.

5. Why is the movement task-student response unit of analysis so important in physical education?

Movement tasks are motor activities given to the student that is related to the lesson for the day. Movement tasks can be used as a progression to achieve the skill and their goals. Progressions play a huge part in helping students learn and manage a skill. Using task cards is one way of communicating tasks to the students. I have used this before and found it very helpful for my lesson. While the students are performing the movement tasks, the teacher needs to observe, assess, and provide feedback on each student’s performance.

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