Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ch. 9 Questions 2,3

Tyler Phillips
Ch 9 Q 2,3

2. State at least five general principles that are implications for teaching from motivation.

Use a variety of teaching strategies- even the best strategies aren’t effective all the time, or even work at all on some students.
Help students to see the purpose for what you are doing and attach a personal meaning to what you are doing from the students’ perspective- This helps the students attach to the lesson and really catch focus.
Help students to understand that all of us are beginners at some point and to understand what it means to be a beginner- a student will become discouraged if they don’t understand this. I always say, “You got to start somewhere”
Use humor- making the kids laugh is a sign of fun, and motivation.
Help students to attribute their success and failure to a cause that is controllable by the student- Students need to know failure is ok and it can only make them better.

3. Describe nine ways teachers can promote the personal growth of students through personal interaction.

Learn student’s names and use them- students like to know you know them on a name to name basis
Be enthusiastic and positive about what you are doing- Energy will give your students more energy
Learn to be a good listener and observer of student’s responses- Listen to what your students have to say and be able to observe and critique.
Do not reinforce behavior destructive to self or others by doing nothing about it- Discipline your students effectively.
Project a caring attitude toward all students- Care about our student’s success and weaknesses.
Chart your life for personal growth-make goals to hire your potential.
Reinforce basic and shared beliefs of honesty, tolerance, respect, risk taking, and effort by modeling these behaviors, as well as reinforcing them when they occur in class- Don’t bring differences into the classroom.
Make it a practice to intentionally treat all students equitably. Develop an awareness of your patterns of communication to different students- don’t play favorites and be aware how you treat each and every student.

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